About GGS

The award-winning Glory Gospel Singers (GGS) were founded in 1995 by Visionary, Phyliss McKoy Joubert, CEO of D&P Joubert LLC; a worldwide booking agency. Joubert’s innovative leadership birthed vision to an exclusive talent roster that serviced both faith-based and mainstream initiatives around the globe. This vision came to life through GGS as the nation’s most proficient artists auditioned for what was soon to be a global manifestation.

Following an inaugural tour to Germany in 1996; audiences demanded that GGS return for a year-round schedule. This monumental year catapulted them into what is now a historic benchmark of 192 tours in 188 countries with a roster of over 400 singers.

A premiere collective of vocalists and singers; GGS is a passionate ensemble of some of the world’s most talented gospel and classical artists. From soul-stirring arrangements of “Amazing Grace”, “Joshua”, and “Kumbaya” to classical standard “William Tell Overture” and Japanese anime “Mononoke Heme”; their repertoire is as diverse as their polished voices.

Their performances have been heard at premiere venues including: Carnegie Hall, The Dom of Frankfurt, Theater Der Stadt of Heidelberg Berlin Philharmonic, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Erfurt Cathedral of Deutschland, St. Mariendom of Bremen, Lincoln Center and more.

With a vast discography of music favorites; audiences continue to enjoy their sounds on recordings such as Japanese Anime album “Tenshi Ni Anime Song Wo” (Anime Songs for the Angels); “Manhattan Kiss” and “Stand on the Word”; currently being utilized in the French Samsung Galaxy Phone commercial.

Electrifying, soul-stirring, and proficient; there is no doubt that The Glory Gospel Singers believe in the gospel they sing about! Inspiring audiences with the love of God; they are fulfilling their mission to reach the world with the gospel one song at a time!

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